The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Diponegoro (FEB Undip), supports teaching and learning activities and help students who excel or have problems with tuition fees, provides scholarships from Universitas Diponegoro and collaboration with agencies outside FEB Undip.

Scholarships offered by Universitas Diponegoro include:

Scholarships from Universitas Diponegoro:

  • PPA (Improvement of Academic Achievement)

Scholarships from Institutions Outside Undip:

  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia
  • Bank Indonesia Scholarship (GenBI)
  • TIFICO Foundation
  • BCA
  • Pertamina
  • Djarum
  • BFI Finance
  • ORBIT Foundation
  • Parental Integrated Guidance
  • Supersemar Foundation
  • Larissa, etc