Student Association

The direction and purpose of student development at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University is to foster student responsibilities essential to developing healthy and challenging personalities, piety, analytical and synthetic thinking abilities, highly knowledgeable, skilled, Pancasila moral and virtuous. As analyzers, students are not merely certificate hunters but should be producers of ideas presented in an orderly thought by the nature of science.

To support student organization activities at the Faculty of Economics and Business fully supports all positive activities by providing assistance funds for student activities as well as student organization activities carried out in the Student Senate (SM), Student Executive Board (BEM), Student Association Department (HMJ) and Activity Implementation Unit (UPK). The Activity Implementation Unit (UPK) consists of:

  1. Student Executive Board (BEM)
  2. SEMA (Student Senate)
  3. LPM (Student Press Institute) Edents
  4. UPK (Activity Implementing Unit) Bola
  5. Foam Theater
  6. EECC (Economic English Conversation Club)
  7. Economic Voice
  8. FEPALA (Faculty of Nature Lovers Economics)
  9. KESMES (Economic and Social Problem Study Group)
  10. KMW (Entrepreneurial Student Group)
  11. KSEI (Islamic Economics Study Group)
  12. KSPM (Capital Market Study Group)
  13. Mizan
  14. PMK (Protestant Christian Student Association)
  15. PRMK (Catholic Student Spiritual Service)
  16. UPK (Activity Implementing Unit) Basketball
  17. UPK (Activity Implementing Unit) Dance
  18. KMA (Student Association) Accounting
  19. HMJ (Departmental Student Association) Management
  20. HMJ (Departmental Student Association) IESP
  21. HMJ (Departmental Student Association) DIII Corporate Management
  22. HMJ (Departmental Student Association) DIII Accounting
  23. ECOFINSC (Economic Finance Study Club)
  24. Economusic