Vision, Mission, Goals



To become the leading business school in Southeast Asia


Mission and Objectives:


Organizing superior management science education through innovative, independent, and research-based teaching and learning processes.1. To produce graduates who have integrity and have noble character.

2.  Producing graduates who have up-to-date management knowledge base.

3.  Producing graduates who have managerial and entrepreneurial competences.

Carrying out excellent research with international standards.1. Produce research findings in the form of innovative management concepts and models.

2.  Produce research findings in the form of applied management concepts and models based on local wisdom.

3.  Producing scientific publications in reputable journals

Carry out community service that is oriented to the development of the environment, organization and entrepreneurship with local wisdom.1. Produce an environmental development model.

2. Produce an entrepreneurial development model.

3. Produce tough startup entrepreneurs.

4. Producing a network of fostered businesses.

5. Producing a network of partner organizations (government, private sector, companies, universities).